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pinkstuff domain owners : notice of config change


This is an important message if you own a domain which is hosted on pinkstuff. We will also attempt to contact domain owners by email, but the message is reproduced here for reference.

As you may be aware, our previous hosting company (Black Cat
Networks) was taken over recently, and this is causing some changes
to the operation of pinkstuff. In particular, the old secondary DNS
servers are being removed, and we are expecting pinkstuff's IP
address to be changed.

You must follow the instructions below to make changes to your domain
configuration, otherwise your domain will stop working! Your deadline
is the end of September.

1. Contact your domain registrar, and change your domain settings.

A: If pinkstuff is already the primary name server, please use the
following secondary nameservers:

secondary DNS server: (
tertiary DNS server: (

If the dns record lists pinkstuff's current IP address, please
remove that and refer to the name only:

primary DNS server:

All other settings remain the same.

B: If pinkstuff is not the primary nameserver, you will need to
change your primary nameserver's configuration at exactly the same
time that pinkstuff's IP address changes. Please contact us for
further details. You may wish to consider using pinkstuff as your
primary nameserver and rapidswitch as the secondaries, as it will
simplify the IP address switch.

2. Email to notify us that you
have done this. We will make the corresponding change on the DNS
service offered by RapidSwitch if a change is necessary.

3. Bookmark the pinkstuff community journal:

We will post to this journal when we have progress reports, status
updates, or any more information on the schedule of pinkstuff's
configuration changes. Currently the planned schedule is as follows:

Some time in the first week of October, pinkstuff will be moved
between services and the IP address will change. There may be a
period of up to 48 hours downtime though we hope it will be
significantly less than that.

As soon as the IP address changes, we will change the configuration
on rapidswitch DNS servers for all domains to point at the new
address (I expect we will complete this before the server is even in
its new rack). However, the DNS system is cached and it may take a
while (days, perhaps) for the changes to propagate out to the whole

We apologise for any inconvenience all this may cause, but hope that
you will understand that we only make these changes in order to
safeguard pinkstuff's future viability. If you have any questions,
please don't hesitate to ask by emailing

Your friendly pinkstuff cabal
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