doctordickon (doctordickon) wrote in pinkstuffpeople,

rumours of pinkstuff's death have been greatly exagerated

Bottom line:

Pinkstuff should be okay, most data is intact, and the repair is progressing nicely! It will be a while before email is back, but logins should hopefully be back fairly soon. Ask me (, +44 776 1131188) if you really urgently need data from the hard drives and I'll see what I can do.

Gory details:

shadowphiar and I had a good time at RedbusII last night. While we didn't solve all the problems, the machine is network accessible in maximum lockdown mode for now.

There's been some kind of problem with the IDE subsystem, possibly related to a rather sickly optical drive. As a consequnce, fsck was getting stuck and the filesystems are somewhat damaged, and we saw various disk related errors. We are fairly sure the machine was not hacked since these look like hardware problems. Also, there's a problem where the machine gets stuck in the BIOS configuration, but this can often be solved by a remote controlled reboot. And it seemed only one out of three case fans was actually running, although the other two may be temperature sensitive since they are fed from the mainboard.

Pinkstuff has a new disk subsystem (300GB 2 way RAID 1 :)), and a new OS install (Ubuntu Server 6.06 LTS). However it's going to take at least today to get home directories on to the new system, and then we have to carefully copy across the service configurations to the new OS install and reactivate one by one. Also, due to lack of bits of metal we were unable to mount both RAID drives and the old disk, and we didn't really want to wait 24 hours in the build room for the old data to copy over :), so for now there's only one disk in the RAID array... The other usable bay is taken up with the old hard drive, which we'll mount read only no exec unchecked for now. At some point we'll probably swap out the dodgy old drive and rebuild the RAID array, but that can wait.

Email is one of those things really needs to be done right, otherwise the pending email may get lost or we may create lots of work for others. Therefore, don't hold your breath for email to return. Volunteers to carefully help setup and verify the email configuration before we start accepting mail are welcome (I'm out of my depth with email!), and if we get enough skilled help we'll get email back much sooner.
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