Monument (marnanel) wrote in pinkstuffpeople,

pinkstuff hosting bills

We've just had a hosting bill for pinkstuff, and what with the weak value of the dollar and my now having a family of my own, I can't afford to pay it.

I'd like it if those of you who get something out of your pinkstuff accounts, whether it's domain registration, web hosting, email, programming, or just spodding, could contribute something. Pinkstuff has always been free at the point of delivery, as long as the server lasts-- though it won't last beyond another year if this money situation continues-- but contributions towards the expenses are gladly accepted. If you were using a commercial service, you'd be paying anywhere between £30 and £130 for the services you get from pinkstuff. You can contribute using the paypal button on the joule page. Please consider doing so.

Also, please let me know if there's anything we should be providing that we're not. How about the return of TrikiWiki? How about a MUD? How can we make pinkstuff something exciting again?
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